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Aquariums in the backgrounds of TV programmes series, or even films are one of those touches which are often overlooked, however when it comes to setting the scenes, they can be perfect. From that little addition of back/silhouette lighting, to the movement of the fish, or the colours the plants add, they can all help to enhance the front performance and story telling.

It doesn’t matter if the tank is in view for a few seconds, or a few minutes, here at AquaMan, we still give the same attention to detail, making sure everything but the fish are positioned perfectly – Sadly we don’t have as much control over the fish as we do everything else.

Some of the services we offer, include:

  • – Tank Lighting Advice
  • – Tank positioning advice
  • – Fish & plant advice
  • – Full tank setup from start to finish
  • – Accessory advice – Keep the water moving silently to not upset the sound crew.
  • – Full Consultation & Advice

You can see some of our previous film & TV contributions on some of the major streaming services, including BBC, Sky & Amazon Prime Video.

Some of our previous projects include:

  • – The Lazarus Project
  • – Grav (Welsh BAFTA Award Winner)
  • – Plus others which cannot ‘Yet’ be disclosed

Do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your TV, Film, or Documentary aquarium requirements.

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