"Creating nature, is the ultimate luxury"

Takashi Amano

Welcome To Aquaman – Complete Aquarium Services

What we do

We specialise in aquarium design, aquascaping and maintenance for both residential and commercial clients. We are based in South Wales but offer services across the UK.

Whether you are looking for a small nano aquarium, a fully planted aquascape, high-tech reef system, or just a one-off aquarium clean, we offer a complete range of aquarium service. From simple maintenance, to high-tech setups for new and existing tanks. Wanting a low-maintenance tank where a quick water change will keep your fish happy? Or a high-tech planted aquarium with Co2 and fertilisers dosed automatically? We can cater for you with everything in between!

We can also rescape or maintain existing tanks, from 40 litre nano’s, up to thousands of gallons tanks. No work too big, or too small.

From your initial consultation we will work closely with you to create that perfect package.

Just had my tank completely drained , cleaned and then landscaped by Aquaman. Absolutely superb experience from start to end – so happy with the end result that I am going to get them to maintain the tank on an ongoing basis . Would thoroughly recommend them – excellent advice from day one onwards and very patient .

Stephen tosh

Great service! Tank all clean and looking beautiful, happy fish, happy shrimps and happy me ! I would recommend whether for a one off catch up clean, or regular service.

Penny Barter

Ritchie ‘scaped’ our two aquariums on Saturday & they are looking fabulous, a 3′ tank & a 5′ tank. A lot of care & expertise was used plus we had a lot of really good advice. We would definitely recommend Ritchie, aka Aquaman

Lorraine Pugh


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