Our one to one consultation service will allow us to gain a better understanding of your requirements.

As part of the consultation process, we can advise on best location, style, fish and equipment, and work out a maintenance schedule that best suits you. We can tailor any of our services to meet your specific needs.


Whether you are looking for a cold water, tropical, fish only marine or a high- tech reef aquarium, we will work with you to ensure that we can bring your
dream aquarium to life.
Following an initial consultation, we will suggest ideas for you to choose from.
Once your idea has been finalised, we can then bring it all together.
As an additional service we can provide a computer rendering of the aquarium
design before proceeding, for your peace of mind.


Have you ever thought about setting up an aquarium, either at home or in the workplace? Not sure where to start? Then give us a call to discuss how we can help; we will make sure your aquarium is set up correctly and provides your fish with the perfect living environment. We will discuss where you would like to put your aquarium and advise on the best location. As soon as your new aquarium is in pride of place it’s time to plan the aquascape. Whether you opt for a fully planted system, hardscape only system or a marine system. I am sure we will have a layout to suit your space. So, when can you add your fish? The days of having to wait 4-6 weeks before adding fish are gone. These days you can have fish from day 1, but only with the correct products, knowledge and procedures.
As soon as your system is up and running, the next step is to consider a maintenance schedule, we can do all that for you including cleaning the tanks inside and out, water testing and introducing new fish and corals, or you may want to do it yourself. In that case we can offer advice on what to do, even leaving a full set of instructions to help you on your aquarium hobby journey. We want you to enjoy your aquarium and provide the best service possible.

Contact us about our aquarium installation service today.
(Prices will vary)


It’s our passion!
The aquascape is the most important visual aspect of your aquarium as you’re going to be looking at it all the time. Nature aquariums not only look stunning, they also help to keep the environment healthy for your fish. It’s not just nature aquariums we can offer though, there are many other options available. From hardscape only; iwagumi; high energy co2 injected planted tanks; low energy non co2 planted tanks; fish only marine; reefs and many more.

If you’ve seen something you like the look of or are happy for us to have total freedom to create that ever-changing living piece of art, I’m sure we will exceed your expectations.

You don’t have to take our word for it just look at our testimonials.

(Prices will vary).

Maintenance / Servicing

We believe that every aquarium is different and so for that reason we provide a bespoke aquarium maintenance service tailored to your needs. Whether you require one off aquarium clean, or regularly scheduled visits. We can provide an expert service for fresh and saltwater aquariums, in living and workspaces. We will discuss the size and nature of your aquarium setup and propose a maintenance schedule for fish tank cleaning to make sure that your tank and its inhabitants are healthy and looking at their best.

We strongly recommend weekly maintenance to keep your aquarium optimal, but we cater for everybody and offer fortnightly and 4 weekly schedules; or serviced when necessary. We also offer an annual plan where you can make a one-off payment for the full year’s maintenance, giving you peace of mind. Don’t forget for commercial clients the cost is tax deductible. We are experienced, knowledgeable and regularly service many different types of aquatic systems from a simple sponge filter to very complex marine filter systems.

Prices start from £30

What is involved:
Each maintenance visit is tailored to the specific needs of the aquarium being
serviced and may include all or a combination of the following:
• Monitoring and partial water changing.
• Dilute and remove the build-up of waste organics and other toxins that may have built up between services.
• Gravel vacuuming and Sand Cleaning.
• Filter Maintenance.
• Glass or Acrylic Clean Inside and Out.
• Cleaning Aquarium Décor.
• Plant Maintenance and trimming.
• Maintenance of any Additional Aquarium Equipment.
• Addition of Treatments and medications.
• Water Quality Testing.
• Fish Health Check.
• We can also recommend and supply any fish foods and other products you may require using only the best quality brands to ensure the health of your fish.
• Additional aquarium maintenance services available upon request.

Holiday Visits

Going on holiday and worried about your aquarium and fish? We offer a holiday service to come in and check all your livestock, tank and equipment. We will feed and carry out necessary maintenance if needed, and keep you updated. We are DBS checked and insured for your complete piece of mind.
Prices start at £30.

Aquarium Moves

Moving home or relocating a business? As you may know the vast majority of removal companies don’t do aquarium moves. This could be for several reasons; your fish and other livestock can become stressed very quickly and without the correct knowledge and experience this could be fatal.

We have successfully moved several aquariums over the years.

Prices start at £100.

Shop Displays

We specialise in setting up, installing and aquascaping aquariums in varying sizes for a whole host of shops, restaurants and other commercial premises. Do you have an aquatic store and can’t find the time to create the great display tank you’ve been thinking of? Let us take care of it for you, we can work around you even coming in out of opening hours to create that perfect display.

We’ve had great feedback from previous clients that after we’ve done their shop aquarium displays, they noticed an increase in sales. With one shop even selling the complete display, yes tank, equipment, fish, plants and all! We can even offer an educational workshop for your customers about the amazing aquarium hobby.

(Prices will vary).

Free Advice

We are pleased to offer advice, not just to our clients but to everyone. It is our business that’s correct but we also like to give back. A quick phone call, chat, email or Facebook message costs nothing and can be the difference between someone sticking with this amazing hobby or giving up completely! We also like to stay in touch and offer support and guidance to all our clients whether you’ve used us once or have us visit every week. We strive to offer the best service and customer experience possible.

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